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Upholding Trust
and Authenticity

Renewing our unwavering commitment to a safer platform, we meticulously verify organizations and job listings for genuine user opportunities.

A strict zero-tolerance policy for inauthenticity

Our Stand: Genuine or Gone

Taking verification seriously. Every listing, every organization, every time.

Organization Verification
We dive deep into background checks, confirming the legitimacy and reputation of every company and institution on our platform.
Job Authenticity
Our team meticulously reviews each job listing, ensuring it’s genuine, accurate, and free from any form of misleading content or hidden agendas.
User Data Safety
We employ state-of-the-art security measures, vigorously safeguarding every piece of personal and professional information entrusted to us.
Continuous Monitoring
Day in and day out, we’re actively reviewing platform activities, employing advanced tools to detect and swiftly address any anomalies or suspicious behaviors, reaffirming our dedication to trust.

Our mission

As the world’s largest video talent marketplace, we have a serious responsibility to uphold data integrity on our platform. At JobzMall Verification Center, our mission is to combat fraudulent job listings and ensure users have access to valid opportunities.

Our team verifies every organization that posts jobs on JobzMall to confirm legitimacy. We analyze company information, interview representatives, and research public records to authenticate each employer. This protects job seekers from potential scams and builds trust in the positions advertised.

In addition, we verify candidate profiles to guarantee accurate representations of skills, education, and experience. Our rigorous screening validates that users are who they claim to be. This promotes fairness in the hiring process and enables employers to make sound decisions based on reliable candidate data.

At the core of our work is a commitment to supplying JobzMall users with verified, transparent information. Our meticulous verification processes give both candidates and companies confidence in the integrity of our platform. We aim to continuously refine our methods to deliver the most trusted hiring marketplace.

Transactions served each year
50 million
Businesses on JobzMall's employer network
10,000 +
Countries actively served

Trust Framework

The core principles behind our actions. They define our commitment at the JobzMall Trust & Verification Framework.

Organization Vetting
Every organization undergoes a comprehensive review, where we cross-reference company information with trusted business registries and industry databases, ensuring the legitimacy of each entity.
Document Validation
Entities are required to upload relevant official documents, which are then scrutinized to confirm their authenticity and alignment with the data provided during the registration process.
MFA Implementation
Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is mandatory for all user levels, adding an additional layer of security to prevent unauthorized access and ensuring only verified entities can post or amend listings.
Listing Audit
Continuous monitoring mechanisms are in place, where every job listing undergoes periodic reviews post-verification to ensure the information remains current, accurate, and genuine.
Feedback Integration
A streamlined system allows users to report suspicious activity or inconsistencies, enabling us to act promptly and refine our verification methods based on real-time inputs.
Compliance Checks
We stay abreast of global HR standards and best practices, aligning our verification processes accordingly and ensuring that all data handling adheres to relevant privacy regulations.
User Verification
Validating individual profiles through data cross-checks.
Feedback Portal
Users report anomalies; we prioritize and investigate.
Community Moderation
Empowering users to highlight and challenge suspicious listings.
Feature Upgrades
Regular enhancements to refine verification precision.
Job Listing Checks
Automated and manual reviews for all posts.
Profile Safeguard
Advanced encryption and privacy controls for data.

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