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JobzMall Partnership Ecosystem

Partnership means something different to everyone. That's why we approach each of our partnerships differently - based on their unique needs and their strengths. That's part of our commitment to making the future work for everyone.

Corporate Collaborators
Integrate JobzMall's innovative recruitment solutions to attract and retain top talent.
Educational Institutions
Connect your students with their dream jobs through real-world engagements.
Government and Non-Profit Entities
Drive societal and economic growth by connecting with a diverse talent pool.
Technology Innovators
Enhance your technological solutions with our dynamic recruitment platform.
ATS Partnerships
Streamline your hiring process by integrating JobzMall's powerful recruitment tools with your existing applicant tracking system (ATS).
Community Partnerships
Partner with local organizations, chambers of commerce, and networking groups to expand your talent pool and support workforce development initiatives in your community.

Our mission

JobzMall is a video-first talent marketplace that connects employers with job seekers. Our platform focuses on video profiles, allowing candidates to present their skills and personalities beyond the limitations of a traditional resume. This approach helps employers quickly understand who they are hiring, streamlining the recruitment process.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes and educational institutions, JobzMall aims to make recruitment more direct and effective. We are also open to partnerships with ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems), payroll, and other technology platforms to enhance our service offerings. Whether you're looking to find a job or fill a position, our platform supports you with tools that emphasize clarity and efficiency in the hiring process.

Transactions served each year
50 million
Businesses on JobzMall's employer network
10,000 +
Countries actively served

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