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  • Microsoft
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  • Nike
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How It Works

Fast, easy, and reliable steps to empower your hiring workflow


Find Candidates

Watch Video Resumes instead of sifting through resumes. Real, qualified, and actively engaged talent on Talent Bank.


Schedule Interviews

Seamlessly integrate your calendar and schedule calls & live video interviews with one click.


Review and Decide

Rewatch, reviews, and rate video interviews. Collaborate with your teammates on who to move forward with.



Make offers and fill your positions with confidence at scale with built-in onboarding tools

#1 Video Talent Marketplace
Post your job on the world’s largest video-based talent marketplace and get matched with the most qualified candidates for your role
Receive qualified and ready-to-go candidates
We nurture a highly engaged and qualified community that are actively looking for their next role. No more going through a plethora of generic resumes.
Review, Interview, Rate and Hire!
Schedule interviews and rate candidates with a your team. JobzMall powers your entire hiring lifecycle while integrating with tools you already use.
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The Ultimate Talent Ecosystem

Built for everyone, personalized just for you and your needs.

Employer Branding

Reach, attract, and connect with the right talent

Deliver a world-class candidate experience to attract and retain the best talent in your hiring pipeline. Organizations of all sizes chose JobzMall to grow their teams.

Employer Branding

Sourcing & Decision Making

Find your next great hire with confidence at scale

Source both active and passive qualified candidate that are ready to interview. Watch Video Resumes, collaborate with team members, review and rate all in one platform

Sourcing & Decision Making

Interview & Hire

Interview and hire with confidence at scale

Schedule amd conduct video interview on JobzMall with no hassle. Integrate with everyday tool you use such as Outlook Calendar, Zoom, and ATS.

Interview & Hire

Experience the Future of Hiring with AI

Join the ranks of forward-thinking companies using AI to revolutionize their hiring process

Post Your Jobs with AI Assistance

Utilize our AI-powered job posting tool to quickly and easily create effective job descriptions that will attract top talent optimized for success.

Find the Best Candidates with AI

Let our artificial intelligence do the work for you by searching through resumes and identifying the most qualified candidates for your open positions.

Revolutionize Video Screening with AI

Use our AI-powered video NLP process to quickly and easily screen candidates, saving you time and resources in the hiring process.

Improve Candidate Experience with AI

Use our AI-powered communication tools to provide personalized and timely responses to job seekers, enhancing their overall experience.

AI-Assisted Aptitude Assessments

Save time and resources in the hiring process by utilizing our AI-powered tools to evaluate culture fit and aptitude for higher talent retention.

Enhance Your Hiring Accuracy

With AI-assisted background checks, you can improve the accuracy of your hiring process and maximize your organization's resources.

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