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#1 Video Talent Marketplace In The World

#1 Video Talent Marketplace
Post your job on the world’s largest video-based talent marketplace and get matched with the most qualified candidates for your role
Receive qualified and ready-to-go candidates
We nurture a highly engaged and qualified community that are actively looking for their next role. No more going through a plethora of generic resumes.
Review, Interview, Rate and Hire!
Schedule interviews and rate candidates with a your team. JobzMall powers your entire hiring lifecycle while integrating with tools you already use.
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Discover top talent, anytime, anywhere.

Talent Bank is the ultimate platform for discovering top job candidates, offering employers the ability to browse and watch video resumes, conduct video interviews, and make informed hiring decisions from anywhere, at any time.

Video Resumes

Talent Bank allows job seekers to create and upload video resumes to showcase their skills, experiences, and personality to potential employers.

Advanced Search

Advanced search functionality, allowing you to filter candidates by location, industry, job title, and other criteria to find the best fit for their organization.

Candidate Lists

Talent Bank allows employers to save and organize candidates into lists, making it easy to keep track of those they are interested in.

Candidate Matching

Talent Bank's algorithm matches employers with top candidates based on their job requirements and the candidates' skills and experiences.

Personalized Recommendations

Talent Bank provides personalized recommendations for employers based on their previous searches and saved candidates.

Instant Communication

Live Chat, Automated Scheduling, and Video Calls all within the JobzMall ecosystem. The entire lifecycle of your recruitment is on one platform.

Video Interviews

Talent Bank offers the ability to conduct video interviews with candidates, making it easier to connect and assess fit from a distance.

Candidate Insights

JobzMall provides employers with insights on candidate activity and engagement, helping you to identify top talent and make data-informed decisions.

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